Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Barnes and Noble 2010 Kid's Calendar

Just got copies of the 2010 Barnes and Noble Calendar that I finished recently. It looks really great, actually.

I'm using watercolor with digital now, and I've always loved airbrush. Now I can get those flat graded areas up next to the beautiful natural flow of the paint.

These little characters are part of what I love about the paper dolls in the 30's and 40's..In this case they are dressing up in costumes to fit their adventures through time and space. I actually used fairly sophisticated references. Funny to see them transposed to comics.

Also, the job involved creating all these little stickers, which was a trip. You know..
"Haircut Day", "Worst Day ever" and "Ate at a Restaurant" to paste into the calendar.We could all use some of these, right? Like Twitter, only completely different.

You can buy one (the calendar comes with markers) for a child in your life at:


  1. WOW! you rock woman! I'm going to order a case, we must have some sort of bash-O-roo for you! So proud, such wonderful work.


  2. GREAT item! Not surprised it's a big seller!